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MORITZ Daily Beard Oil

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Vegan beard oil with 9 different vegetable oils for the daily care of the beard and the skin. It soothes itching and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin. It does not contain any artificial fragrances.

So only the best for the well-groomed man.

Application: With a three-day beard distribute 2 to 3 drops, short to medium full beards 4 to 5 drops in the hands and distribute on skin and hair.



MAX MoistConcentrateLotion 315

What is a man like? Tough on the outside – soft on the inside? In this case our M.A.X. Moist Concentrate Lotion offers a very attractive possibility for softening the outer shell.

Men who also want smooth skin now no longer need to secretly use their partner’s beauty products. This is not a good idea anyway as, according to experts, the male skin is 20-25% thicker and has a different structure compared to women’s skin. Therefore man’s skin needs a special treatment.

This efficient lotion contains the very special active ingredients complex ION-MOIST4MEN. It was particularly developed for male skin. The Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is a natural barrier of the skin. Men have a rather thick epidermis and less moisture. Daily shaving promotes drying-out and skin irritation.

That is exactly the point where ION-MOIST4MEN offers a solution: it provides the skin with essential minerals, lactate and urea and fills up the moisture balance of the epidermis.

In vivo tests on men show the advantages of ion-moist4men: a recognizable increase in skin moisture levels 24 hours after use as well as maintenance of these raised levels, proving its long-term effectiveness. This effect is further enhanced by the addition of hyaluronic acid, panthenol, hamamelis extract and bisabolol.

Free from mineral oils, parabens and PEGs.

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