We developed this series to support the skin to help itself: PROTECT POWER for every day! Protect your skin on a daily basis.

The skin can regain its natural balance through the use of the latest generation of biotechnologically active ingredients. These products counteract negative irritation which can lead to premature skin aging, especially with sensitive skin.

This series is free from mineral oils and parabens.

 Protect Power


PP RichEyeCream 918This very rich eye cream is based on natural precious ingredients. Avocado, soya and olive oil, shea and cocoa butter cares the sensitive skin around the eye area. They smooth them, make them supple and support the regeneration process. These and other nutrient-containing ingredients can help reduce wrinkles or prevent their development. Alternatively, this product can also be used as a pleasant facial cream for very dry and sensitive skin.


PROTECT POWER Repair CreamWonderful, rich cream for a cure for dysfunctional, irritated, sensitive, very dry skin. Can reduce irritations and supports the natural balance of the skin.

Free from mineral oil, PEGs, parabens.


Protect Power Pro CollagenThis intensive serum contains the revolutionary active component Trylagen™ (more information). This complete solution supports the maintenance of a youthful collagen.

Free from mineral oil, PEGs, parabens.


PP TannedGlowThis precious ampoule concentrate can give you a long-lasting, even tan thanks to the active ingredients ERYTHRULOSE and DIHYDROXYACETONE (DHA), which are sugar-based and are permitted in natural cosmetics. A visible tanning effect can be visible already after 2 days.
Additionally, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and panthenol provide adequate hydration and nourish the skin at the same time. .



PROTECT POWER Calming MaskThis "anti-stress mask" has been formulated for dehydrated, dry and very sensitive skin. It has a calming and balancing effect.

Free from mineral oil and parabens.

PROTECT POWER High Sensitive Gel

PROTECT POWER High Sensitive GelThe High Sensitive Gel protects the skin sustainably thanks to the special active ingredient Ectoin®. Ectoin® moisturizes and supports the skin's natural protective shield. It forms a layer of water to ensure lasting protection of the skin. Thanks to the seaweed extracts, the gel helps to protect the skin from damaging environmental effects. The prickly pear extract with the active ingredient of camomile nourishes and soothes the skin. The High Sensitive Gel combines protection and care in one product. Especially suitable for the care of sensitive skin.

ECTOIN® is a registered trademark of Bitop AG, Witten.


PROTECT POWER Face Recovery Oil

protectpower facerecoveryoil 317Nourishing face oil from valuable herbal oils without preservatives and synthetic perfume oils (derived from the essential oils). Thanks to its special lipid structure, the Recovery Face Oil penetrates right into the fatty layer of the skin, where it can unleash its nurturing effect. It thus indicates to the sebaceous glands that they need to reduce their talc production. Thus, this high-quality product is also suitable for combination skin.