Specials & Wellness LogoAs a special provider for cosmetics we want to highlight some products which are only available at your beautician or beauty farm.


This creamy conditioning and cleansing foam (without propellants or similar) contains concentrated vitamins from exotic fruits such as pineapple, fig, banana, kiwi, grape, pomegranate, currant leaf and essential blood orange oil (stimulating, vitalizing and refreshing).

Free from mineral oil, PEGs, parabens.cfoamcleanser


bb cream B19This tinted fantastic 5in1 cream combines the following product advantages in just one cream:

  • Tints (adapts to skin tone), combines the product advantages of make-up and skin care, immaculate coverage
  • Complexion perfector
  • The BB cream has anti-inflammatory, soothing properties thanks to panthenol and zinc oxide
  • Moisturising almond oil, beeswax and grape seed oil
  • UV protection thanks to minerals and vitamin E.

No mineral oils, no parabens, no pure silicon, no nanomaterials.

Also available in a lighter shade: BB Cream light!

O2 fluid – 24-hour energy for the cell

o2power fluid 317- It is important to maintain our intact mitochondria and to repair the weakened ones. By means of the citric acid cycle and breathing, the tiny cellular organelles produce the “life energy” adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The agent complex used in this fluid, REVITALIN® PF (fermented from yeast) synchronises mitochondria in the normal diurnal rhythm and thus increases cell energy again. The level of cell energy is automatically increased when the skin requires it.

Revitalin® is a Trademark of Koninklijke DSM N.V, Netherlands.

PREMIUM Anti Wrinkle Serum

premium antiwrinkleserum 317This Premium Anti-Wrinkle Serum is the method of choice for reducing wrinkles.

The main active ingredient is ARGIRELINE®: the first peptide which reduces facial expression lines.

As an alternative treatment to Botox* injections, skin care ingredient ARGIRELINE® helps to relax the facial muscles and therefore reduce wrinkles and facial expression lines. However, it is safer and gentler in comparison with botulinum toxin injections.

ARGIRELINE® (INCI: acetyl hexapeptide 8) consists of six different amino acids and is a peptide. To achieve the best possible effect, this serum contains 10% of this precious active ingredient. You can often see positive results even after the first application.

Hyaluronic acid in the serum helps to provide and retain moisture.

Contains no mineral or silicone oils, PEGs, colourants or parabens.

No known side-effects or risks.

ARGIRELINE® is a registered trademark of Lipotec S.A.
*Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.


pearlcream 317Diese hochwertige, sehr beliebte und leichte Creme verwöhnt die Haut dreifach: Das luxuriöse Perlen-Extrakt mit Repair-Wirkung strafft und festigt die Haut. Amethyst-Pulver verfügt über eine „Anti-Stress-Wirkung“ und hat reinigende Eigenschaften. Dexpanthenol verbessert die Elastizität der Haut.

Free from mineral oil, parabens, PEGs.


AurumGel B21Gold is one of the everlasting noble metals and stands for richness and luxury since thousands of years. It has a mystic effect on almost everyone. And the effect of gold as a luxurious care for the skin surprises and thrills people all over the world.

This unique combination of 23-kt gold and hyaluronic acid works against the aging process of the skin with n excellent lifting of face and décolleté. The contained glycerin moisturizes the skin and it appears fresh and radiant. At the same time, panthenol and jujube improve the moisturizing ability and elasticity. Freshness, smoothing and a relaxed facial expression are the positive results.

Treat yourself to this extraordinary skin care and the luxury of precious ingredients.

Free from mineral oil, parabens.