Stem cells offer protection against environmental stress for the skin, prevent the skin from aging early, remove deep wrinkles and lines and the skin appears fresh. Various studies proof this effect.

Series free from mineral oil and parabens.

Argireline® is a registered trademark of Lipotec SA., Spain

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stemcell ampullen frei c20Various plant stem cells and the antioxidant active cistus in this composition is the ideal anti-aging concentrate. It regenerates and strengthens the damaged skin barrier. Indications of mature skin such as dehydration, wrinkling, roughness as well as loss of elasticity and firmness are significantly improved after a 4 week application period.



Stem Cell Eye CareSSTEM CELL EYE CARE is a luxurious anti-aging eye cream based on a complex of triple stem cells, precious plant oils and highly effective hyaluronic acid. It helps the skin to restructure and protects it on several dermal layers. Additionally this cream helps to reduce sagging eyes effectively.

The sensitive area of the eyes is nourished on a daily basis by precious, non groveling plant oils as the Persian silk tree extract. It maintains wonderfully smooth.

Free from mineral oil, silicone, PEGs, parabens or artificial colors.


stem cell plant origin B19STEM CELL EXCLUSIVE is our most luxurious anti-aging cream based on a herbal stem cell complex, precious plant oils, highly effective hyaluronic acid and ARGIRELINE®. This combination actively protects against free radicals and strong antioxidants. At the same time the activity of the skins own stem cells and the barrier function of the skin can be improved and the epidermal regeneration rises. The skin appears firmer and younger.

  • Immediate effect due to ARGIRELINE® and hyaluronic acid
  • Anti-aging effect due to the action of triple stem cells (herbal)
  • Skin care through precious plant oils
  • No mineral or silicone oils which cover the skin and influence natural healing processes negatively

Free from parabens, PEGs, animal components.